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'Positive Kids' @ Bangalore:
Call  91 - 080 32559894(or) email us at 
'Diya' @ Hyderabad Call  91 - 040-27792746 (M) 09000241465 email: 

The service that we provide for the children comes from a belief system that, 'no child need sacrifice quality of life to an illness'.

Child care at Freedom Foundation includes the infected children who have been orphaned image-positivekids-1due to AIDS and left abandoned. The Foundations homes at Bangalore and Hyderabad bear witness to the fact that these kids are no different form any other children.

These kids attend regular school, participate and excel in sports, take the lead where extra curricular activities are concerned and live together as one big family.

Some of our kids have shared the stage with leading international personalities, leading Indian actors and actresses and have also met the President of India Mr. Abdul Kalam.

Infected and affected children within the community are also catered to with many services ranging from educational assistance, nutritional assistance and ART assistance.

Overall objectives for child care

  • To provide HIV +ve orphaned/abandoned children with food, shelter and clothing.
  • To enhance access to quality medical care at all times.
  • To provide psycho-social support for fostering development of the child.
  • To enable normal functions of the child as far as possible via school, play and recreation.
  • To treat all children with anti retro viral medication as and when their condition requires it.
  • To foster a sense of belonging in each child so that the child feels part of a larger family.