Therapeutic services for clients:

Group Therapy- which includes step sharing sessions, psycho-education sessions, thoughts and feeling sessions, group process, motivational interviewing, family communications session, relapse prevention plan, experience sharing, video sessions, gym, yoga and facilitating support groups like the AA/NA.

Individual Therapy- which includes following of a master treatment plan for recovery (Bio- Psycho- Socio module for treatment), autobiography sharing and individual one- on-one sessions

Recreational Activities- volleyball, football, cricket, chess and caroms

Therapeutic services for families:

Group Sessions- Psycho educational sessions, family step working/sharing sessions, relapse prevention plan, family communication, motivational interviewing, introduction of outside family support systems like after care meetings and video sessions.

Individual sessions- following of a master treatment plan (MTP) and step working for families as co-dependency may exist, recovery and support, case history collection and family education sessions

Therapeutic services for communities:

Heightening community awareness as to the nature and extent of chemical dependency and its related problems with educational institutions as well as different industries.

Educate society to promote the concept that alcohol and drug dependency is responsive to appropriate treatment.

Full scale implementation of an employee assistance programme (including personal training) at your agency by an experienced EAP consultant

Criteria for admission of a person to Freedom Foundation De-addiction facility

A person has to have a history of alcohol/drug abuse

The chemically dependant person as well as the family must be committed to the whole program, its full duration and content.

The Freedom Foundation Benefits

* Affordable program and quality services provided (CENAPS® Corporation, is committed to providing
   the most advanced training in the chemical dependency and behavioral health field).
* Being apart of a larger group that creates an enabling environment for recovery.
* Motivational interviewing technique, as all our counselors are trained by a CAADAC (The California
   Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors) approved/licensed counselor.
* Psychological evaluation/treatment by qualified psychologist/psychiatrist in case of dual disorders
* Individual treatment plan for all clients
* Structured plan of treatment for the family.
* Medical care, evaluation and support given by qualified doctors and nurses
* Family therapy for parents/spouse/siblings/children is also given to alleviate stress, as well as
   address co-dependency and restore family health.
* Transit facility is also available as a pre-discharge process
* Set up of proper support structures for the client and his family after treatment for example- AA
   (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics anonymous), AL -ANON (support group for the families of
   alcoholics), NAR-ANON (support group for the families of drug users), AL-ATEEN (support for the
   children of alcoholic parents)
* Structured follow up is given for as long as necessary or needed.