Why donate to Freedom Foundation

Make a gift and make a difference...change someone's life today!

At Freedom Foundation we rely upon contributions from our communities to sustain what we are doing over the years. We ensure that every donation made is invested wisely & thoughtfully so as to make to uttermost impact. We value your generosity and your money...we pledge to invest it so that we may continue Changing Lives...Making A Difference!

Support any of the work Freedom does from treatment for alcoholism & drug addictions, HIV/AIDS prevention, care, support & treatment, childcare and community assistance programs.

For 20 years now, Freedom Foundation, has been getting the money, time, skills and support of millions like you to partner  in our work.

Our approach is comprehensive with emphasis on reach, quality & convenience of all our beneficiaries. Be it dealing with alcoholism/drug addictions we include the affected families/communities and provide a wide array of services.

With HIV/AIDS all are services are inclusive to reach men, women, children…entire families & communities…from prevention to care, support & treatment.

With children we focus on issues rather than symptoms and we work relentlessly to address health, education, protection & rights of the child.

You might ask 'So what does my money end up supporting?'

Take your pick. Support the treatment of an alcoholic/addict, food, shelter & education for our children living with HIV, or support the medical treatment of widows living with HIV. Funds collected are pooled together and used to support essential services and also address emerging needs.

Your contribution goes a long way in initiating & sustaining change!

For more details, feel free to contact the Freedom Foundation nearest to you.